The Heart of Escher

by Jonathan Dance

Official Cover Reveal

Today I am pleased to officially reveal the cover for my debut novel, The Heart of Escher

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When I am not writing, working or looking after my daughter, I like to draw. Art has always been my primary tool for telling stories, or at least it was when I was little. Back when I was younger I was really into making comic books. Initially, I was going to illustrate the whole story…

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The blue bird

Arieth, the blue bird. The figure from a dream that started it all. It has probably been about 10 years since I had that strange dream of the dancing blue bird. Now this dream, in part, is in writing, forming part of the prologue. It’s strange how dreams can influence you. A bad dream can…

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Map of Escher

It’s taken awhile due to the recent birth of my daughter but I have finally completed the map of Escher after several well-spent train rides to London (My route to work on occasions). At one point I wasn’t sure I needed one, but I am glad I created a map now as It really made…

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My first blog post

Hi, my name is Jonathan Dance and the Heart of Escher is my first novel! Wow has it been hard work and still is! After years of daydreaming, then planning, to actually writing the book, and now the soul destroying part of trying to get people to read it, the Heart of Escher has really…

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