The Heart of Escher

by Jonathan Dance


“Dance has a very powerful and motivating middle-grade fantasy novel with The Heart of Escher. This is an amazing adventure, one with superb character development, world-building, and originality.”

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“The Heart of Escher by Jonathan Dance, is a well-done tale with all kinds of fascinating stories, all with James in pursuit of his family and later trying to save Escher. I enjoyed the tale and the telling, and I believe many elementary kids and pre-teens will make The Heart of Escher by Jonathan Dance, their favorite. Great job.”

Anna Del C – Read more


“Amazing in its eccentricity, gripping and entrancing in its characters and captivating in its plot.I loved it and would recommend it to everyone. The book was a one sit read for me and I can’t wait to read more from the author. Fantastic!”

readdayandnight –  Read more


“Jonathan Dance makes his debut with a truly wonderful book which will appeal to all ages. The imagination that has gone into the characters is brilliant and really takes you away to the mysterious world of Escher where there are plenty of surprises along the way.”

Pughma84 – Read more


“The places Author Jonathan Dance has created in Escher were fantastic and I really liked the unique idea of the Gardner and the different people.”

Rebecca Lamoreaux – Read more