The Heart of Escher

by Jonathan Dance

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When I am not writing, working or looking after my daughter, I like to draw. Art has always been my primary tool for telling stories, or at least it was when I was little. Back when I was younger I was really into making comic books.

Initially, I was going to illustrate the whole story of the Heart of Escher in graphic novel form. However, as I expanded on the story it became clear that it would take a long time to illustrate it all by myself, especially as I am such a perfectionist when it comes to drawing. So continuing to write made much more sense, if I  ever wanted to finish The Heart of Escher.

Now with the book finished, I can focus on the visuals and get back to illustrating again (While I plan my next book).

Wanting to share my artwork, I have decided to set up an Instagram account, so please feel free to follow me there for, Heart of Escher artwork, cat illustrations, and fanart for various films.