The Heart of Escher

by Jonathan Dance

My first blog post

Hi, my name is Jonathan Dance and the Heart of Escher is my first novel! Wow has it been hard work and still is!

After years of daydreaming, then planning, to actually writing the book, and now the soul destroying part of trying to get people to read it, the Heart of Escher has really been a journey for me.

I have decided to put this blog together to share some of my experiences. Hopefully, if anyone ever reads this you will find it interesting and perhaps it might tempt you in finding out more about my novel.

Coming from an art background I was always more fond of drawing pretty pictures than writing, and truth be told I have never thought of myself as a natural writer (Apologies now for my grammar!) so why did I undertake this huge task? Well, the answer is, if I had tried to do this visually I would have never finished it! It really would have been the Neverending story.

So why did I write this book if I was not a natural writer? The answer, I had a story to tell. I wasn’t happy just keeping this adventure in my head, I wanted to share it and get it out there. Being a creative person, I love creating things and the idea of creating a whole world and a host of characters was exciting.

I have always loved telling stories as well, I guess that is why I work as a motion graphic designer. With my experience in creating films and animations, I knew if Escher was ever going to be brought to life it would need a script.

Full of optimism, not really understanding how much work I had just set myself I began to write, harboring dreams of maybe one day getting a team together to bring my novel to life. Sadly it seems rather hard to get any agents to read the full manuscript, but I live in hope someone will take a chance on it.

I know I am not the next Stephen King, J K Rowling or J R R Tolkien, but I am glad I at least tried to emulate the magic they produced, and I still hope (If anyone reads it) my novel can capture the imaginations of its readers.

At the end of the day if only a few people read my novel and are touched by some of the moments within it, then it will all be worth it.

I realise this article has probably gone off on a tangent, but fingers crossed it was OK for a first post.

Though I probably shouldn’t worry, it will probably only be the web spiders who read it, but if a real person took the time to read this then thank you.